Application Note: Controlling the WaveAnalyzer 1500S using the Web API

The Wave Analyzer High Resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzer provides a rich set of tools to allow instrument control and data acquisition from within other programs. The WaveAnalyzer hosts a Web server on the instrument and can interact with software applications using HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol).  The software commands and control interface are based on RESTful style Web services that provide the ability to configure the device and access to measurement data using HTTP commands from a Web browser or from a software programming language.

This Application Note provides details on how to connect to the WaveAnalyzer and the principles underlying the WaveAnalyzer WEB API.  Details of each command are explained and finally programming examples for the major programming and instrument control languages are given.

To download a copy of the Controlling the WaveAnalyzer 1500S using the Webs API Application Note, please click on the thumbnail image below.

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