Application Note: Using the WaveAnalyzer Analysis Server

The WaveAnalyzer Analysis Server application packaged with WaveAnalyzer software version 1.7 and above provides additional programming functionality for the WaveAnalyzer 1500S, including access to the OSNR, WDM and Wavelength Meter functions provided in the WaveAnalyzer GUI.

The WaveAnalyzer Analysis Server is a standalone executable providing a RESTful style Web service API to provide access to measurement data and analysis functions.

This Application Note provides details on how to connect to, and program using, the Analysis Server. Details of each command are explained and programming examples provided.

It is recommended that you first read the Application Note entitles “Controlling the WaveShaper 1500S using the Web API” before using the techniques described in this Application Note.

To download a copy of the Using the WaveAnalyzer Analysis Server Application Note, please click on the thumbnail image below.

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