Can I use Python to communicate with my WaveShaper ‘A’ Series?

The WaveShaper line of Optical Instruments supports both Python 2.7 and 3.x.

There are two different ways of communicating with the WaveShaper A-Series:

  • (Style 1) – Using the new Ethernet-based web-interface that was introduced with the A-Series WaveShaper. This is not available for the S-Series
  • (Style 2) – Using the legacy USB connection to communicate using the S-Series style interface

The Python setup instructions in the user manual are for the S-Series style interface and should be followed only when the device is connected via USB (Style 2). You will need to install the latest WaveManager, version 2.7.5 (or higher), in order to use Python 3.x.
Please check the Finisar Instrumentation webpage for the latest version of the user manual and the WaveManager.

In case you are using an A-series WaveShaper it is highly recommended to use the Ethernet based web interface (Style 1) because it does not require drivers to be installed and does not need to be run.

For the Series ‘A’ Ethernet interface, you can load the help file from the start menu to find more information on connecting via Style 1:

  • Start -> Finisar -> WaveShaperHelp

This brings up a web-page. The relevant information is under:

  • WaveShaper Connection -> Ethernet Connection    (For information on connecting the WaveShaper via Ethernet)
  • WaveShaper connection -> RESTful Interface          (For information about the Python commands and examples)